Currently she teaches opera singing and musical education at the Istituto Statale in Lucca, the city where she lives. Her vocal training has permitted her to expand into all musical fields, but her favourite genre has always been the Operetta. She has been a presenter on various national TV shows, as well as participating in several programmes on both the Mediaset and RAI TV channels: “Il Guastafeste” with Luca Barbareschi and Massimo Lopez, “Scherzi a parte”, where she performed Schubert’s Ave Maria with Agostina Belli, “Uno Mattina”, “Cominciamo bene “,”Estate con noi in TV “(with Paolo Limiti) to name but a few. She has performed roles in several Operas, from Bohème to Tosca, Carmen, Cavalleria Rusticana, Norma, etc. as well as roles in musicals, such as Venere (Venus) in “Amore-Amore” by Vito Tommaso and Gino Landi, Katherine in “Kiss Me Kate”, “Tea For Two”, etc… She has also starred in Operettas such as “Cin Ci Là”, “La Vedova Allegra” (The Merry Widow), “Al Cavallino Bianco” (The White Horse Inn), “Il Paese dei Campanelli” etc, alongside various comedians such as Pippo Santonastaso, Diego Parassole, Franco Oppini and Lucio Caizzi. She also took part in the show “Piccolo Grande Varietà” alongside the well-known theatre actor Tuccio Musumeci and has even toured the world, performing in the following countries: – In Europe in the best theatres of Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Monte Carlo, etc; – In Thailand singing for the Sovereign at the Royal Palace in Bangkok; – In Canada; – In China; – In America participating in several concerts as a special guest, performing in venues such as the MGM Grand Theater in Connecticut and also with Peppino di Capri at the Foxfood Theater as well as in Atlantic City at the famous Trump Theater; she also participated in several radio broadcasts and was a special guest of the group “Il Volo” (United States, 2011). In 2005 she participated as a presenter and singer at the Gaber Festival (Versilia – Lucca). She was protagonist in “The Merry Widow” at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome during the 2006-2007 theatre season, and was crowned the most beautiful and talented Queen of the Operetta that the Italian music scene had ever seen in this genre. In 2010 she was awarded the “Ugola d’Oro” by the Culture department for the city of Rome. On July 25th 2011, during the Seventh Edition of the EuroMediterranean Festival of Altomonte, where Giorgio Albertazzi and Raffaele Paganini received the prize “Una vita per la Cultura” (A Life Dedicated to Culture), Cosetta Gigli also received a special mention, along with Eleonora Giorgi, Ricky Tognazzi and Simona Izzo. On 27th August 2011, on the occasion of the XII International Festival “Ruggiero Leoncavallo”, the City of Montalto Uffugo presented her with a prestigious award for her “Mattinata”. She performed it ‘virtually’ alongside the great tenor Beniamino Gigli, her late great-uncle. It was a resounding success. In May 2012, her new album “Suoni della Terra” was produced by Lele Barlera, an album in which classical is combined with modern in a pop-lyric key, both for “Lacrime” (adaptation of “Un bel dì vedremo”) and “Sogno” (adaptation of “Casta Diva”). During the summer of 2012 she was the star of two shows: “Questa sera il varietà” and “Un palco all’oper … etta”, shows that were taken on tour, enjoying great success with both critics and audiences alike. Also in 2012, in Catania, she was awarded the prize Gold Elephant World International Film & Musical. In the summer of 2013 she debuted, with great success, in a new show that was written, directed and performed by herself, “Nessun…a dorma”: her beautiful voice splendid in the execution of the most famous arias from operas and operettas. In 2013 and 2014 she starred in countless shows at the Teatro Fellini in Catania. For two consecutive years, in Giarre, she received “La Giara d’Argento”, something which had never before occurred in the history of this award. In 2014, she was presented with several prestigious awards, such as: “Protagonisti d’oggi” in S. Agata di Militello; at the University in Messina, the prize “Benemeriti della Cultura, delle Science, dell’Arte e della Solidarietà – Giordano Bruno 2014”. Also in 2014, in China, following a lyrical concert performed for “La Via della Seta” (The Silk Road), she was awarded recognition by the Chinese government (an event filmed by Rai TV). In the 2014-2015 theatre season she starred at the Teatro Ambasciatori in Catania, where she debuted with her company (L’ Allegra Operetta di Lucca), in the operetta “L’ Acqua Cheta” followed by “Nessun…a dorma”, both of which proved to be a huge success. Between 2009 and 2015 she recorded 7 albums, one of them featuring sacred arias. Since 2014, Cosetta Gigli has held the position of Vice President of the Honorary Committee at the association ‘Acceptus Mundi Onlus’, an association with which she performs important events in favour of projects for children. In July 2015 she published the single “Tu che m’hai preso il cuor” for Edit Music Classic, a single which is also included in the compilation “Gold Italia 2015” along with others by Sandro Giacobbe, Gianni Nazzaro, Milk and Coffee, Giacomo Celentano, Delirium P., Franco Dani and others. The album has been distributed in 240 countries worldwide. Cosetta Gigli also travelled to South America in July 2015 to bring relief to children in need, on behalf of the abovementioned association. In September 2015 her single “L’amore è la vita” was released, a single composed for her by famous names such as Guido Maria Ferilli (the author of the famous song “Un amore così grande”), Luigi Mosello (a writer with international connections, like Alan Parson) and Andrea De Paoli (eclectic rock artist known worldwide). In 2015 she composed the national anthem for solidarity entitled “Inno al dono”, with the collaboration of Luigi Mosello. This anthem was performed at the Expo in Milan by the children of the middle school Don Aldo Mei di San Leonardo in Treponzio, in Capannori, Lucca. In November 2017 she performed in Canada at the Fallsview Theater for a musical event dedicated to Italian music, which was also attended by Ron and Casadei. In April 2018 she was a guest of honor at the New Ocean Festival in New York. Also in 2018, the single “Se amore ci sarà” by L.Mosello and M. Sismondo was released on all digital platforms. She is currently carrying out a project concerning tango and has recently taken part in two Rai programs: Italia Sì and Detto Fatto. Management for the area of ​​Sicily: Donata Indaco, president of the Associazione Woodstock. Press office